I’ve been stuck in life lately. I had both big toes amputated last September, and another on my right foot right after Christmas.

I’ve been hospitalized with complications, or in nursing care (rehab/nursing home) for all but five days of the past four months.

It’s been a ride.

In the course of all this, I decided to start blogging and writing again. After all, I went to school for magazine editorial, took on significant debt, and got a great job. Then I developed a debilitating vertigo that took me out of life. But I digress. That’s another, bigger story.

In the course of this current situation, I also decided to start podcasting. As things go, I’m great at starting!

I’ve not been so great at completion.

One example: I knew I was facing a long spell of hospitalization, so I got a Kindle collection of books to keep me busy. I’ve read through the first chapters of several of them. Not all though.

Instead, I pursued the immediacy of Twitter and Facebook. Even eBay. My old frenemy, instant gratification, had a hand in this. Actually, my whole life outlook has clung to instant gratification; after all, laying in a hospital bed isn’t a ton of adventure.

I developed a grand plan, a blog, a podcast, and a 24/7 streaming radio station. I spent a lot of money, but got little done because: hospitalized. Still, it all seemed a good plan. I’d not be hospitalized forever.

So here I be, tapping out a story on my blog, hoping to sort everything out – everything – including how disastrous my life had become, disabled, knowing I was falling ill, yet pushing myself ever harder at work, completely crashing at home. I had a plan then too.


So here I am, having been unable to sort things out to my satisfaction. My priorities are still priority: recovery, outreach, hope, and more. But they are stale, upside down, shelved and lightly dusted off – all churning in my gut. A wicked maelstrom of thought, sensation and emotion. That I intend to sort out in one blog post.

Yes, Virginia, God has a sense of humor. At least the God of sorting it all out in one blast of creative expression..

I won’t sort it out, but well- onwards!

I have several assets, acquired in the course of my hospital stay. A new MacBook. A new phone. Several domain names. I completely rearranged my online identity around my Twitter name, @addictivist. I’ve been busy, but not complete. Like my blog, podcast, radio station. Not complete.

Not sure where I was going with that. Oh well. Onwards!

This is where I find myself, on the trail through the valley of the shadow of death, camping in my hospital bed. Confused. Scattered. Scared. Not much caring for my reflection in the metaphorical mirror of the soul.

But moving onwards.



  1. I so relate to this.. my life is littered with have done projects.. it drives me crazy! But as far as finishing projects while in hospital, don’t be too hard on yourself. I had major surgery 5 years ago, necessitating 6 weeks of rest and recovery.. I planned books, writing, sorting files.. did practically none of it – I never factored in that I had been in, what my Dr described as, a controlled car accident.. and my body, and brain, had to recover from the surgery and the anesthetic… I do know of one project you’ve got up and running, that will help lots of people..

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing!
    You are a wonderful writer!
    This is some major trauma you have had, and Chrissie is right, operations take a long time to recover from. I’ve had 15, and my brain definitely goes moody afterwards.

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