Physical Therapy

I’ve really ramped up physical therapy. Occupational therapy is about done. Or maybe is done. I’ve been at this so long I really don’t know anymore. My first amputations were back in September and I’ve been either hospitalized or in some sort of physical therapy since then, with a brief 5 day home stint.

When I say ‘ramped up’, I mean I’m doing 3 sets of 10 light exercises, walking a couple hundred yards, or using exercise machines. People on the streets are fitter than I am right now. I’m making progress though! I couldn’t walk 50 feet at first.

I try to think of where I was in the world. My job. My home life. What was I doing. It’s irrelevant now. I ghosted that life, except for my home address.

I get in trouble for doing things here, usually driving. If I can drive, I can obviously go home – the logic goes. My logic goes ‘I have nobody to help me, nobody. If something needs doing while I’m here, there’s nobody coming to save the day’. Well, something like that. Plus driving is easier than walking. But I listen, and stay put. Usually. I can take Uber.

I look forward to the moment I can look back on this for the first time from a place of freedom and personal responsibility. I am gaining that vantage point little by little each day. I should thank them (therapists) for helping me get there. I just wish they weren’t so bossy. They’re like drill sergeants here.

Life rolls on. I’m more a part of it now than ever. I aim to continue the trend. Even now, typing this out. I have not typed regularly in a long time. Smartphone screens and autocorrect have been my thing. This feels painful to my fingers. The pain is good.



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